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Brazatortas / Region: Vale of Alcudia


Ciudad Real


Castile The Spot

Habt. / Ine 2004



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Square of the Constitution, 1

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927 471004


927 471004

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Brazatortas, cultural and rural tourism

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It is a suitable Town for to realize rural tourism to the being a very calm place, with the wide one offer of establishments at which to stay.

Concerning Brazatortas we find: Vale of Alcudia (Beautiful place natural where centenary holm oaks can be seen. The farms abound dedicated principally to the sheep. Nowadays the trashumancia is still practised from the north of Spain (principally from Soria and Segovia), in the summer months), Fuencaliente and Almodóvar of I stand out.

The first dates that are had on Brazatortas, and in which it names as such, date of the year 1575 in the Topographic Relations that will order to do King Felipe II, since in the writings of the King Alfonso XI, in his book of the Hunt for the year 1330, not mentions no place or town of similar name to of Brazatortas, is therefore well it deduces Corchado his primitive one was a foundation a set of farmhouses or farmhouses of little importance.

Several scaffoldings exist in the heights of the term, although his dating is not suitable before the shallow one carries out in them prospect: this way called Castellón of the Dark-haired persons, placed in Sun porch of Alcudia Releases the Port west one, it is probable that only is a built lookout hurriedly when the reconquest of this area in the XIIth century

To see:

Square of the Town hall
Parochial church of San Ildefonso
Church of the Divine Shepherdess
Chapel of San Isidro
Natural places in the surroundings

the 3 most important holidays that exist in the locality:

The Pilgrimage of San Isidro on May 15.
The holidays that are celebrated in honor to the Divine Shepherdess, boss of the District of the Station.
The holidays that are celebrated in honor to Christ of Orense. (Ftes. To see links)

Nuclei of Brazatortas: Her Station, The Gullet

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