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Bolaños De Calatrava


Bolaños of Calatrava


Bolaños of Calatrava / Region: Field of Calatrava


Ciudad Real


Castile The Spot

Habt. / Ine 2004



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Square of Spain, 1

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926 870027


926 870169

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Municipality and town of Ciudad Real, party judicial of Almagro, Calatrava region, to 27 km from the capital and to 4 of the head of party, where railroad finds the station of more next.

Castle of Mrs Berenguela: Placed in the center of the flatness that Tanner surrounded with ancient ruins bathes the river, in the Roadway of Toledo to Cordova, and uniting, on the one hand, with that of Oreto and, for other, with those of Torralba and Calatrava, they were giving safety to principal way that was joining Castile with Andalusia. The Order of Calatrava, on having been founded and after territory fixed his stately plant on this one , gave to the strategic fortitude the military importance that was deserving and there had given to him his ancient gentlemen, who made his trace printed on his robust walls, especially Roman and Arab

Parochial church: The parish is dominating the square of Town. His head is polygonal of the XVIth century, of buttresses very simple location. The windows are of semicircular arch trumpet-shaped in brick.

The Chapel of Christ possesses a beautiful baroque reredos of the century XVIII.

Inside the city center some single-family dwellings survive of the XVIIth, XVIIIth and XIXth centuries with historical - artistic certain value and the chapel of Christ of the Columns, of the XVIIth century, with plant of Latin cross, barrel vault and dome in the exterior is of brick seen.

This area is the big larder vinícola Spanish, since production area is provided with one the widest. There are wines of very popular consumption and notable quality, soft, dry and of scarce acidity. More spread they are those of Valdepeñas, red wines and light targets. All -year-old young Town usually boils away to maximum two, and his graduation ranges between the 11 and 13 grades. In last years one is doing a very important effort to obtain good reservations, something that has already begun to yield his fruits.

Specialties of the house: Asadillo, Fish stew, Porridges, Crumbs, Ratatouille, Tiznao and Milk toasts (Ftes. To see links)

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