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Argamasilla of Dawn / Region: The high Guadiana Stains


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To speak about Argamasilla of Dawn, is to speak of Cervantes and of the Quixotic, in this municipality preserves the Cave where the writer, being imprisoned, began to write the major breakthrough of the Spanish literature.

Placed in a big flatness of La Mancha of the Field of this Saint John place has been inhabited from ancient. Here there places Hervás the ancient one Celtiberian city of Dawn named by Plinio inside the cities oretanas stipendiary belonging to the convent of Cartagena. the same author also does mansion of two provincial roadways, one that dividing of the way of Hércules in Marian for Jumilla and Alhambra was joining in Murum with that of Laminium to Toledo, and other one who departing from the famous Roman municipality was penetrating in the Oretania.

According to the Cervantine tradition Argamasilla of Dawn it is “El a Place of It stains ” of whose name Cervantes did not want to remember in the first one part of the Quixotic. It is nailed in the most flat part of the plateau of La Mancha. For the center of the town the State highway spends 310, now turned away by a variant. From south to north it was always crossed by the Guadiana and the Channel of the Big Prior, and of this one on west the Gully Real of Cuenca or Path Soriana. In his municipal term there is nailed the Nature reserve of The Lagoons of Ruidera.


Lagoons of Ruidera
Castle of Peñarroya
House of the Graduate Sansón Carrasco
Real Pósito
Church of Saint John Bautista
Chapel of San Anthony
Channel of the Big Prior
Pharmacy of the Academicians
Pósito of the Tercia
House of Medrano: Place where, according to the tradition, it was imprisoned Miguel de Cervantes for matters or foul-ups of skirts, possibly with Magdalen de Pacheco, sister of D. Rodrigo de Pacheco, whom some authors consider to be a model in whom Cervantes was inspired for his personage D. Quixotic. This house finds in the current one street of Cervantes, ancient Paved, at a height of the 7. Here, installed the printing, Rivadeneyra printed two editions of Quixotic, prefaced by Hartzenbusch, about 1863.

Between his specialties of the house we stand out: The Galianos, a succulent one plate of pastoral and Cervantine origin. It is a main course, of I hibernate, whose ingredients are: cake of the shepherd, rabbit of mount and some partridge, potatoes, ham, lard, garlics, laurel and black pepper.

To sleep "Rural House Quixotic and Sancho" Tlf: 926 521734- 670917256 (Ftes. To see links)

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