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Village of the King / Region: Field of Calatrava


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Village of the King places to 30 Km to the south of the capital of the province; it borders to the North on the municipal term of Valenzuela of Calatrava; on the South with that of Villanueva de San Carlos; to the east with Roadway of Calatrava and Granátula de Calatrava and on the West with Argamasilla de Calatrava.

According to the information of the Geographical Dictionary of Madoz and the study of Hervás and Buendía, Village of the King was populated by the time enque Convent of Calatrava moved to his new residence, since in Concord of the year 1.245 the Archbishop was protesting to the Order his terzuelo of this town, being granted him. Also he had to pay 1.260 mrv for the tax of San Miguel and, like town belonging to Table Maestral, he was receiving the same half of the grasses of a mount that was selling the Council and two remaining thirds of the tithe.

The history of the castle of Calatrava is the history of the Order of Calatrava.
Year 1085. Alfonso VI conquers Toledo and threatens the south. They would be Toledo and Calatrava the starting points for the bloody ones expeditions with which Christians and Moors were harassed continuously.
In one of them, in the year 1138, the Muslims come even them the same doors of Toledo and in other one, in the year 1143, after one ambush, decapitate the famous person (for his incursions against Moslem territory) Munio Alfonso, ordering his head to Cordova and the body to his wife.

- Parochial church San Jorge Martyr: It is of the first ascent, placed in the outskirts of the Town.
In the High altar an image of San Jorge is and under this one a crucified Christ carved in wood.
- Chapel Ntra. Mrs. of the Vale: His style is sober on the classic one Cruz Latina with slender cruise and decorated good.

- Sacred convent Castle of Calatrava.: Historical - artistic monument XIIIth century.
- Palace of Clavería: Historical - artistic monument. Founded for Felipe II.
- Chapel Ntra. Mrs. of the Vale: XVth century.
- Church of San Jorge Martyr.
- Flour factory. XIXth century.
- Prop, drinking trough and source.
- Square of the Constitution.
- Building of multiple Services (ancient Agrarian Chamber).
- Deposit of the Fig tree.
- Baths of the Ravine.


Plates as deep-rooted as the rabbit or the partridges in marinade, in stews in the style of the hare with Jewish women, or in solid stews pastoral like the creamy "sauce" and gently reddish, that unites with the fat got rid of torreznos of the dewlap of the pig, water and vetches flour, and also the "crumbs", they evoke farming chores and grape harvest periods. The lamb fish stews, they preside at festive occasions of major solemnity. (Ftes. To see links)

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