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Alcolea De Calatrava


Alcolea of Calatrava


Alcolea of Calatrava / Region: Wild North


Ciudad Real


Castile The Spot

Habt. / Ine 2004



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The Town is located in an embattled plain of small saws in which lagoons exist, tough volcanic activity proved of the big one million years ago. It awards a big attraction from the point of view geomorfológico and landscape, in addition to having woken up the interest of the community scientific and of numerous environmental groups.

All the consulted sources indicate that the Alcolea population is of very ancient foundation, as there demonstrates the place name Humbría of the Room, indicative of an Iberian or previous construction. Also, in the southeast end of the term, we can emphasize it place of the called Pasture of the Motilla, where also there exists a monument of this considered type like more genuinely of archaeology of La Mancha.

Places of natural interest:

Lagoons and volcanic craters:
- Volcano of Peñarroya, of 812 meters of altitude and declared Natural monument for the Meeting of Communities of Castile The Spot according to Decree 176/2000 of 05-12-2000.
- The crater of Zahurdones, very blurred by the activity erosiva.
- The volcano of the Hill of the Cross, which has a curious crater caused as the artificial lava extraction, dated in 4 ´8 million years.
- The lagoon of the Rocks of Boo.
- The volcanic cauldron of The Higueruelas.
- The Alcolea lagoon, also known as of “Las Teachers ”.

It is provided with routes programs cicloturisticas and senderistas.

Alcolea takes part of the gastronomic peculiarities of the Spot; his most important characteristics are the variety and the abstinence. There are present plates as unlike as ratatouille, stew, fish stew, or the frying pan sweets (rosquillos, wafers, flowers, etc), but without he doubts the most representative plates there are the crumbs, the porridges and tiznao. (Ftes. To see links)

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