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Ciudad Real


Castile The Spot

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Town that up to the current administrative region of 1833 belonged to the province of Toledo, is nailed in natural region named Mounts of Toledo, the province of Ciudad Real placed to the northwest of . It is placed in a flatness, to the skirt of the Saw of San Sebastian, along with a creek called Alcobillas, of the one that was thought, that his name was coming. It is in the route tourist of "the raña".

As the history says the denomination Bedroom “ is an Arab voice that interprets public weight ”. Founded according to information of 1576 dice for public notary Francisco Muñoz, to questions done to neighbors of place, Bartolomé Herrera and Juan García Valeruelo, said that this one Town is new and that there will be seventy years that founded of desta mesma Juan de Real called house himself and that they know queste place it is a village and own of Toledo and that cay in his jurisdición. They say that Toledo speaks for this Town in court as proper house and that to the meetings of distributions they go to the Reinjury who is a job of all them bands of Toledo.

The locality is provided with an Ethnographic museum, in which they represent the implements and tools used in the farming and in hearth of our ancestors. He emphasizes in his interior the walls of garden wall, the wooden roofs, the cobbled age, the projecting one, the chozo of coalman and of the shepherds, and the firewood stove for making of the bread, very common in all the local houses.

He emphasizes the Parochial Church, under the dedication of Our Lady of the Consolation. In the Biggest altar, a Piety is –óleo on linen-.

The traditional gastronomy is related straight with corresponding to the area of The Spot and the Vale of the Tagus, finding traditional plates as the crumbs, ratatouille, porridges of whistles flour, tiznao, lamb fish stew, and asadillo.

Also plates cooked with products they can taste of hunting activities that are realized in the area: deer meat and wild boar, cooked in marinades, iron, sausages...

Close to the Town the Big Lagoon is, of circular form. It is surrounded by cultivation, where it predominates over the olive tree. In winter it is easily to find of step numerous birds: common goose, the duck deep blue, the common zampullín, etc. (Ftes. To see links)

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