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Citadel Of Saint John


Citadel of Saint John


Citadel of Saint John / Region: North spot


Ciudad Real


Castile The Spot

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Citadel Of Saint John

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There is information that reveal it existence of sedentary poblamientos from approximately 3.000 years earlier of Christ and remains proceeding from the Age have been of Bronze. The Roman historian Tito Livio, alludes to the prerromana Lift, that one has tried to identify in proximities of the current city. Of the Roman period there survive a few splendid mosaics of the IVth century that belonged to a town Roman placed in a bordering area to to the church of Santa Maria.

In 1530 Citadel of Saint John was provided with 18.480 inhabitants, living in her the very rich and principal Town, of whom the majority belonged to the Court. They named like Cervantes, Valdivielso and Díaz Morante, three alcazareños friends; Muddy and Sánchez Cotán, painters; Juan Cobo and Diego de Torres Rubio, teachers in the oriental Indies and western, one of the Chinese language and other of Quechuan.
As for Cervantes, a tradition alcazareña there is always recounted to our town as: the Cervantes cradle:. One day of the year 1748 went so far as to Citadel Don Blas Nassare to register the files parochial in search of documents and wrote to the margin of one game of baptism, which still keeps in the Saint's church Maria: is this the author of the history of Don Quixote?

Known worldwide for the immortal work of Cervantes, the windmills have marked traditionally the vast flatness of La Mancha.
In the Hill of San Anthony, way of Tomelloso, we are four newly restored mills: Nag, Fierabrás, Barcelona and Mistress.
From his unbeatable situation thousands of evenings of La Mancha have been privileged witnesses of , since the endless puttings of the sun contemplating the flatness of La Mancha is a visual spectacle that any visitor must not leave pasar:mar of vineyards, moments of silence and rest that transport us a golden Century when ours knight errant was covering ways of La Mancha


The Museum of the railroad, bullring, Monument to the Railroad, Stately tower or Turret of Big Prior, dated in the XIVth century. Palace Prioral and residence of Don Juan José of Austria, son of Felipe IV and artist Maria Calderón. Parish of Santa Maria her Major, church of San Francisco, churches of the Holiest Trinidad and Saint Quiteria, Convent of Santa Clara, placed of Santo Domingo, The Houses of the Count of the Heads and of D. Miguel Enríquez of Moon.

His typical gastronomy consists of duels and damages, roast, fish stew of lamb, ratatouille of La Mancha, porridges, shepherd's crumbs, cakes of Citadel and bizcochá.

Festivity of San Anthony: On January 17 they are celebrated hogeras and you raffle of pigs, the typical meal is the cake in frying pan.

Festivity of San Sebastian: On January 20. Horses go out to the street and rockets are thrown, also in the Square of the Sandbank, they jump to the jump rope.

Festivity of the Candlemas: On February 2. A gift is realized and a procession and the "entorrados" are the typical meal.

Festivity of Santa Agueda: On February 5 They Go out of snack for late. (Ftes. To see links)

Nuclei of Citadel of Saint John:  Five Houses, Avenue of Cervera

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