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This space is on horseback between three big ones natural regions: the rim of the High plateau of Montiel's Field (You will soak through them), the last spurs of Sierra Morena (Glaring Saws of, You saw of the Guadalmena and Saw of Huebras) and them Andalusian systems (Saw of Alcaraz and Saw of Segura). we find just in the area of contact of these three big ones ours systems. This transition situation provokes a few conditions geographical very particular.

Undoubtedly the Herculean Route or Anibal's Way constituted other of the principal props of the above mentioned splendor. This way was joining Cadiz with Sagunto and Rome, Making use of the routes of communication that joined from more remote times the north of of Andalusia with Plateau, across the steps of the Guadalmena. Mentioned for different authors from the antiquity, his trip knows with enough accuracy. Proceeding from Cástulo it was rising even Marian (close to Puebla of the Prince) from there to go was doing her said Mentesa crossing the high plateau of the "Calares". The way that passes for the fertile plains of Terrinches, Albaladejo and Vva. of Source, joining in this one the Herculean route, is part of one series of secondary branches that, along with others they formed one important communication node, connecting with other roadways Iberian proceeding from the Vales of the Jabalón towards Almansa. To turn of them there developed the majority of the process of conquest and development of the territory.

The name of the Town does direct reference to this important route of communication, "To - balat", means "the way".

Of interest:

Roman town
Castle of Paternal
Church of Santiago Apostol
Shielded nobiliary houses
Chapel or Cave of the Virgin

Dance of Souls

This dance is very traditional and the most ancient in the Ist populate of Albaladejo, of the Infante's party, where the folklore of La Mancha survives in his form more virginal. The dancers, in number of seven more the boudoir and the captain, dress typical suits, taking every one a sword

Gastronomy: Asadilla, Rhine-Ran of onion, shreds with rabbit, and in sweets or dessert the Albaladejo sighs. (Ftes. To see links)

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